Weight Loss Break Through

Imagine what you could accomplish with accountability, support and a food program that is uniquely tailored to you...

Mo​re than ever, the greatest give we can give ourselves to get through these times is a strong mind and body.

Mission of Weight Loss Break Through

Week 1-2: Unhook with a Customized Nutrition Path

In your first two weeks, we’ll help you develop a healthy eating style that matches your metabolic type and lifestyle so that it is easy to follow and naturally satisfying. At the same time, by focusing on nourishing foods and a routine, you’ll unhook from the irresistible foods that keep you craving the bad stuff.

In two short weeks, you’ll start to break free from the habits that were keeping you overweight, tired and foggy and be on your way to feeling better.

When you unhook from the foods that are addictive, you will find that in 3-4 days, you start to experience fewer food cravings, a more stable mood, and better energy.

Our unhooking techniques are so effective because we use strategies which will reduce your need for willpower and at the same time focus your efforts on hyper nourishment! 

You'll notice that as you focus on hydration and getting enough of the good foods, and follow the techniques we provide for unhooking, that you'll start to get into momentum within 3-4 days.

Plus as we are experts in supplementation, we have recommendations for supplements which will make this transition much easier and help to eliminate any "withdrawal" or detoxification symptoms. 

Customized Eating Style Makes the Food Satisfying

The Weight Loss Break Through offers a Customized eating style so that you can eat the foods that are the best match to your preferences and metabolic style. This customization ensures that you will enjoy your food more and feel more satisfied, greatly increasing your success and ease. 

  • Keto Cleanse eating style for people who prefer high fat and very low carb and would trade off getting more fat (like extra avocado) for a starchy carb 
  • RESET / Zippi eating style for people who prefer some healthy starchy carbs like brown rice, quinoa, beans and berries and would trade off having some starchy carbs for less fat 
  • Using a personalized assessment, we will help you choose which eating style we think will provide the best results for you and be the easiest to follow
  • By creating customized eating styles, you will be more likely to succeed and to enjoy the food you pick because you can adapt the program to the kinds of foods that are the most satisfying to you

Weeks 3-5: Reset your Metabolism with a Liver and Colon Detox

The secret of permanent weight loss is detoxing as you go so that your body can lose fat and inflammation and you can avoid the weight gain rebound! This piece is missing from most weight loss programs and is a big reason that people often gain back their weight. 

Your fat cells are the land fills of the body. They hold onto toxins that your body can’t detox. As you start to lose weight and shrink your fat cells, the body has to release the toxins that are held inside. Since most weight loss programs don’t support detoxification, in a regular “diet” as you lose weight, your toxins produce inflammation in the body. This will contribute to you feeling low energy, moody, nauseas, headachy and a variety of other symptoms that lead you to go back to your regular eating style. 

In the Weight Loss Break Through we have designed weeks 3-5 to support your body’s natural detoxification pathways - especially the liver, colon and kidneys using the right combinations of foods, hydration and supplementation. 

The supplement protocol is optional but it is a scientifically backed set of nutrient that support the liver and colon to work optimally so that you can eliminate toxins and take the fast track to accelerated weight loss and feeling great. 

Because of our proprietary detoxification protocols, this is also the phase where you start to feel great! In addition to being in the groove with your new eating style, the detoxification process helps with your focus, improves your mood, decreases cravings and increases energy. You'll notice that your skin will glow, your eyes will get brighter, you'll handle stress differently and your whole outlook on life will start to shift! People will definitely start to notice! Your friends and spouse will wonder why you look so good and seem to be in such a good mood and your colleagues will notice that you have become very focused, productive and even keeled. At this stage, your ability to deal with stress will start to become very different and you’ll feel calmer and happier at your base level. 

Weeks 6-7: Gut Restore

A healthy gut protects us from everything from the common cold to more serious viruses and diseases. More than 80% of our immune system is located all along the boundary of the gut. As we focus on boosting our immune system to protect against viruses like Covid-19, our first line of defense is a healthy gut.

In these 2 weeks, you will learn about which foods and supplements will promote gut health and will heal the gut and what things you and your family might be doing that are very harmful to the gut. The gut ecosystem or microbiome hosts trillions of bacteria and micro organisms all performing different functions. When this ecosystem is imbalanced it is a big trigger for illness. By learning which foods and supplements can restore healthy gut function, we will be boosting our immune system, continuing to promote weight loss, improving our mood and changing our brain!

Scientists call the gut the “second brain” because your bacterial flora affect mood, cravings, and even serious brain disorders. Research suggests that anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia and even Alzheimer's can all improve by reducing certain bad bugs and increasing the good ones in part because the good bacteria make neurotransmitters and vitamins while reducing inflammation.

Week 8: Integration and Experimentation Toward Permanent Weight Loss

Learn how to integrate everything that you’ve learned into your lifestyle and how to set yourself up to continue toward permanent weight loss. And, we’ll help you figure out what the next step is along your path so that you can continue to reach your natural weight or live fit, free and happy at your goal!

During your final week, you'll have the opportunity to experiment with changing some elements in your eating style while you have the safety net of coaching and feedback. 

You'll learn and apply the VitaliTi signature technique of Customizing Your Perfect Diet which is a method you can use to evaluate any changes in eating style that you might be considering for your unique metabolic type.  

This technique is one of the keys of permanent weight loss because it will teach you how to optimize your eating style for health and enjoyment. 

Next Weight Loss Break Through Starts July 16, 2020

  • Participate from the comfort and safety of your living room with a combination of recorded modules and live coaching on Zoom with Ti so that you can benefit from the magic of the group momentum and get inspiration and help if you get stuck
  • Recorded trainings available weekly so that you can learn at your own pace and go back and review key concepts
  • 8 Live Coaching Calls with Ti on Thursdays at 4pm OR  7pm PDT so that you can get all of your questions answered and feel motivated and inspired every week at whatever time works for your schedule
  • Coaching calls are recorded and available to review if you miss a class or want to review something at your own pace
  • Live Coaching @4pm OR 7pm PDT
    • July 16, 23, 30;
    • Aug 6, 13, 20, 27;
    • Sept 3
  • Access to all of the recordings for an additional 6  weeks after the class ends

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